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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 7, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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evacuations under way in yosemite and an air tanker is missing. >> grand theft in progress can you identify criminals in these videos? >> pg&e's concession through a major political scandal. critics redemand release of thousands of secret e mails >> breaking news out of yosemite. an air tanker may have crashed >> the fire is burning near yosemite's arch rock.
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>> 60 homes in the community forest have been evacuated the fire spread now to 130 acres. >> authorities shut down highway 140 going into yosemite. we're joined by park ranger cary cobb. thanks for joining us. do you know anything about this missing tanker and the fire fight now? >> there was a plane crash related to the fire in yosemite national park and witnessed by park staff as well as residents of the area. i cannot confirm what type of plane it was or how many people were on board. but it was a plane that is connected with the fire and was witness crashing in the area of the fire. >> that corroborates what we have had heard now witnesses say a plane did crash in this area. what is a concern tonight as we approach night fall about this fire still spread and the ability to fight it from the
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ground? >> the fire is in an area with very, very steep cliffs. anyone familiar with the area has seen how steep of cliffs are. we're concentrating on an air attack we did have a fire in the area in late july that we called elpertel fire. we have hope that it will start to slow town. >> because that area is burned out is what we're say something >> exactly. there is not a lot of fuels. >> and access to the park now, 140 is closed? >> highway 140 is closed we don't have an estimate on opening times yet. it will be closed probably throughout the night. >> cary, thank you so much. kerry cobb talking this about
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this fire. >> stay with us for breaking updates and follow us on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and in other news san jose city council has just defeated a move to give some of the surplus to residents so they can buy home security systems. abc7 news is live in san jose city hall. vic? >> this was a novel idea considering the fact that there has been an alarming and neighborhood groups would give it to homeowners then perhaps buy dead bolts, alarm systems, maybe and despite the council's
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rejection residents looked at the proposal that not arm. >> i live in a nice neighborhood. two homes got broken into. >> we have increasing crime in san jose. and something needs to be done right now. and we're finding security video of a burglary m progress the police force is hundreds of officers short the councilman's plan is to take $2 million, money earmarked to hire more officers to help residents buy home security systems. >> rather than warehousing $3 million, there are needs now in our neighborhood.
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>> and we want to increase the size of the department. that is why we set aside the money. >> guess who supports the council? the san jose police officer's association they say it's a reality check. >> the citizens are tired of being victims. and we know we can't get police officers to their house. >> last year in san jose, the total value of stolen property reached a high of $76 million. that is according to the state justice department. and most of that came from home burglaries >> in fremont the hunt for burglars three businesses hit and a lot of valuable stuff taken that could be on the way out of the country now. nick smith is live at one of those businesses.
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>> right now, i'm standing in front of black magic design. the other was mad house productions. that owner is offering a reward. police say thieves knew what they're doing, acted fast and knew what they're after. >> the surveillance camera captured it. take a look at what is going on inside of the mack house productions saturday morning. >> cameras going. lenses are gone. they cleaned you the gear room my mic. little things but thousands of dollars for each item. >> mack house was one of three businesses hit by thieves over the weekend. getting away with $150,000 worth of high-end camera and editing equipment. the other two are are in the
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west industrial section of fremont. >> this, i do think, is a professional. >> cops telling me think they the equipment could be headed to china. look, the thieves that hit core micro system sawed through dry wall, cutting wires for servers and phone lines. this is a hole in the wall of thieves crawl through. >> they're gearing towards video equipment they wanted to take. >> surveillance video shows the men were precise making off with almost $200,000 worth of gear. >> we believe the suspects
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whether from here or somewhere else target these businesses. >> police continued their investigation they're hoping an image caught on camera may be familiar to someone, and give tips they need to catch crimi l criminals >> we've learned about that tip. if you have a story, e mail us at abc7 listens. we'd love to hear from you. also thieves took this refrigerated van from a church that helps feed the poor. police have discovered a marijuana growing marijuana in a home in vallejo this evening. investigators are searching the home in hidden brook area. they realize the home had
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hazardous chemicals inside. the fire department called in the environmental health department. >> former head master of a private school faces arraignment on drug possession and trafficking charges. he was found in a motel room near sacramento with this woman, 21-year-old brittany hall. brittany hall and a 54-year-old thomas wood row price were arrested after police found meth, heroin and prescription drugs in the room the da told us four felony counts have been filed. price resigned as head master at the ranson school. >> the city of san bruno and other critic ms. a hearing today at issue utility's dealings with state regulators. >> in this controversy we've learned of more inappropriate e mails that critics call a
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smoking gun. but today's hearing focused on those revealed last month and penalties that should be imposed on pg&e. >> pg&e offers no excuses for what happened. >> pg&e says it expects a penalty for improper back channel dealings for people supposed to serve as watch dogs. e mails in september suggest a cozy relationship including one about judge shopping for a rape case. pg&e's brian cherry, quote, any news on reassignment? and p.u.c president michael peavy's then chief of staff answering working on it i hope the mess is worth it. >> the tenor of that creates a culture. and we believe that that has to change.
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we believe the city of san bruno asked the judge to bar private communications the utility says there were more than 65,000 e mails, over five years. and released another batch yesterday. >> the hearing was just a start into what needs to be a much-fuller investigation. >> but pg&e urged the judge to consider actions over the past month. including firing three top officials involved in the e mails, and hiring an in-house monitor. >> we help individuals accountable the company is making changes. that are designed to prevent this from happening again. >> the fatal explosion of a pg&e pipeline in san bruno in 2010 set everything in motion the mayor calls the relationship between the cpuc and pg&e
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unholy. and says it threatens public safety state wide. >> that is why san bruno happened >> the judge says it could take five months before she issued a ruling. >> carolyn, thank you. >> still head tonight here on abc7 news, twitter takes the government to court. how much secret surveillance information should it be allowed to reveal? >> a 29-year-old woman with terminal brain cancer. >> hot spell ended now, the cooling has begun i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> and we'll be live at at and t park for the start of the giants game. do not touch that remote before you see the report. tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand,
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thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. look at this. a mountain lion caught on surveillance footage. this is in san jose the lion spotted on top of this car in the almaden country club area. it looks around, climbs off. the lion was spotted on another camera. >> twitter filed suit against the fbi and justice department over government surveillance of users the government monitors phone calls and internet traffic for national security reasons and
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can force technology companies to allow access to e mails, individualso chats, pictures and more. but the companies are not allowed to disclose the number of national security requests they get. twitter says it is entitled to release the information so, they sued. >> severity of the prout is beginning to hit home among water users. age went up slightly in may, then down in june and july the city of tracy registered a drop of 41%. water use went up 26% in san luis obispo. august was the first full of mandatory restrictions and fines
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for water wasters official said people have kicked into gear since regulations went into affect. >> all right. the game that could move giants closer to the world series tonight. abc7 news is live at at and t park. wayne? >> it's what happened when you're a baseball fan you think about the best, worry about the worst. this is a fall classic. you should have seen shadows tonight. >> it's game nobody wanted last night. fans, you want an october baseball now you have it with
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implications. >> what is the scale? >> i think it's 100 times. everyone in the world is watching. >> ask madison bumgardner about that. >> that throw? oh, my god we just sat down and are like are you kidding me? >> he should have gone to first. >> and he didn't. so tonight he had a day to think about it f you're a fan, anything or yank or black takes on added meaning. is this sign an omen? road work ahead? a trip back to st. louis? are we overthinking? does that mean anything? >> no. let me pause. it's one of the game. >> right. okay. good i'd why. in october, blessed october it's baseball. >> in spring, it's renewal. >> like getting a new baby.
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>> in orange and black. >> these die hard fans winning world series every other year. that is fine. now, send us your fan >> it's perfect weather. >> mild out there. not so warm over the weekend. great weather for a ball game. here you can see we have mainly cloudy skies. low clouds at the coast becoming more visible during overnight hours. high clouds above as well. they're widely scattered. let me tell you about the lunar eclipse that is going to take place. looking at western sky total eclipse ends at 4:24 a.m
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. if you're a place with good visibility you're going to see a spectacular show. it's 60 degrees in san francisco right now. low 70s in san carlos. 59 half moon bay. napa, 64. mid-80s in fairfield. and another spectacular view of the sky. partly cloudy skies with areas of fog and satellite image shows up what was a tropical depression kicking up heavy rain over parts of baja and into the southwestern corner of the u.s.
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jet stream remains mainly north. so we don't have major storms. patches moving locally inland. this is how it looked at 5:00 in the morning. lows into mid to upper 50s and highs in the south bay, nice, sunny warm. highs upper 70s to 80s in san jose. peninsula, range is nar yes. mid to upper 70s and low to mid-60s on the coast. 66 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. nice, warm up in the north bay. low to mid 08s from santa rosa to napa. east bay highs 72 in oakland. inland east bay highs into mid to upper 80s, perhaps up to 90s in antioch, livermore and fairfield here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling continues throughout
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thursday and into friday. then, temperatures rebound over the weekend we'll see low 90s inland over the weekend low 80s around the bay >> coming up next, revolution in lighting technology. >> the work that won a local entrepreneur the nobel prize,
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a terminally ill san francisco woman moved to orring attorney general to end her live just four weeks from now she says she's chosen to die november 1, 2 days after her husband's birthday she was diagnosed with brain cancer after getting married in january. and doctors initially told her she had years left to live but her prognosis changed to just six months rather than endure what doctors describe as a slow, painful death brittany decided to take her life. her family moved from san francisco to oregon so she can do it legally under their death with dignity act. >> i can't tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know i don't have to die the way that it's been described to me that my brain tumor would take me on its own. >> brittany says she will use doctor prescribed medication
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she plans to be surrounded by family and close friends. >> the founder of a bay area start up will share the nobel prize for physics for a break through that spurred the development of he is a professor at uc santa barbara that founded a firm called sora in the 1990s they came up with a diode that emits blue light. more complicated than red and blue l.e.d's. and revolutionary technology for lighting the world >> many of you carry this technology in your pocket. that flashlight and also, screen, of modern smart phones, uses >> the professor, seen here on
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the left will share the prize with researchers from japan he started his business in 2008. incredible. >> more still to come tonight, just ahead, jesse jackson looks for answers in the ebola crisis. what the u.s. military is doing. >> fbi asking for your help finding this man featured in a propaganda video from isis. >> i think about what we're actually observing. it's my voice. >> and the battle to save a south bay obse
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it is an update to breaking news we brought you at the top of the newscast. cal fire confirms an air tanker crashed fighting this fire. the dog walk fire that broke out this afternoon in yosemite. >> the sacramento bee is reporting the plane was based in hollister. the fair has grown to more than 130 acres so spread quickly and 60 homes in the foresta area have been evacuated.
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>> west entrance to yosemite is still open but highway 120 is still open. highway 140 is closed. we'll stay on top of this story and bring updates as we get them during this newscast and on twitter. >> tonight the pentagon says u.s. forces in west after rickar making progress in the fight against ebola. the head of the u.s. africa command says the military is preparing to open a 25 bed mobile hospital for health care worker was ebola. general david rodriguez admits it is risky. >> i'm confident we can ensure our service members' safety and safety of families and american people. >> in dallas patient thomas duncan is in critical condition but hospital officials say he has improved liver function the reverend jesse jackson visited today and calls for calm
7:32 pm
in the face of the outbreak. >> we have a sars crisis. we have mrsa crisis we don't don't panic. we look for a solution. >> in nebraska officials say a journalist will be treated with the same experimental drug. it's the best option available. now, you can get latest on the crisis with abc7 news app. it is a free down load from apple app store or google play. >> now, the fbi is asking for public help identifying anyone traveled or plans to travel overseas to fight alongside the group the agency's counter terrorism division says it knows of about a dozen americans fighting in syria with isis. also trying to identify this man
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featured in this islamic extremist group's propaganda video. >> they lied. and the fighting has just begun. >> the fbi released a portion of the 54-minute video in hopes someone might recognize the voice or appearance the agency set up a special web page for tips we have a link in the story on abc7 >> berkeley police are asking for your help tonight in locating the person responsible for knocking an 85-year-old woman to the ground the attack happened on september 23rd. the woman walking down the street around 9:30 at night. out of nowhere another woman pushed a shopping cart and
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shoved her to the ground. berkeley residents say the area has seen an increase in mental illness. police say the victim was treated in the hospital for serious conditions but she is expected to be okay. >> nearly two thirds of the people in the country now live in a state where same-sex couples are free to marry. that makes 35 states that now have a freedom to marry the court ruled marriage bans violate gay couple equal protection rights and the judges say denying marriage benefits is harmful and demeaning. yesterday, the u.s. supreme court refused to hear same-sex marriage appeals.
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>> wall street takes a plunge. the dow jones fell today. and google dropped more than $13 a share. most of the economic news was positive. labor department says the number of job openings in the united states is now at the highest level in more than 13 years and a trade group predicted spending would rise to highest level over busy november, december holiday shopping period. >> vice president joe biden arrived for a 7:00 fund-raiser. and this is video from a stop this afternoon at cal state university. the vice president says it's important to each person's hard work. earlier he was in los angeles
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campaigning for increase in minimum wage. >> astronomers are fighting to save the bay area's best known observatory. it's been spotting stars east of san jose more than a century now. budget struggles could dim the future. >> staring into the heavens can propel astronomers into far away worlds. >> i think of what we're observing. >> that is a planet that orbits the sun. and made with the observatory the views and data surrounded the university of california.
7:37 pm
he spent time searching for something that could be hard to locate as a bar away planet. money. he says they were stunned by the decision choosing to channel money towards more modern telescopes. >> this is where we can do long term programs that involve students >> the university of california has had its telescopes. arguing better access could mean more than raw power. >> what it can do is get many nights over the course of the year to look for planets
7:38 pm
orbiting other stars, or to follow ou an exploding star evolves. >> the office says it never has been on the cutting block. no one is suggesting it shut down, only a different funding model. >> i've not a number of irons in the fire. i think people are interested. >> i think the thing i like most is that you can learn things that are pro found. >> supporters have a web site that shows how you can help. you'll find a link on abc7 >> you're going to see how u.s. military has gone to the dogs
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fleet week is more than just blue angels. >> it's great but this year,
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several canine units are strutting their stuff to show how useful they can be. >> san francisco's jefferson square park went to the dogs. these are working canines. in the military. >> the event called bark at the park. and rocky is a tracker dog with the marines. he can search for people for distances and respond to calls from around the world. >> people going missing, or missing children. he can be utilized for humanitarian missions.
7:43 pm
this is ongoing every day. this border collie knows how to search for people. >> with these dogs, it's hard not to come up with doggy puns like it's been a ruff day. hasn't it? also where some of the more-nobel dogs working with veterans, becoming perhaps good friends. >> they're incredible. >> they are. >> coming up next, we're going to show you the work caltrans is doing to get roads back this doing to get roads back this shape. ♪ ♪
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>> san francisco building inspectors today began posting violation warnings on some 380
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soft-story buildings prone to collapse in an earthquake. they're the 5% that owners have not yet complied with requirements adopted last year. the officials estimate 4,000 buildings in the city need some type of work. >> weeks after the napa earthquake, cal trans is working hard to shore up bridges destroyed in wine country. today they showed us bridges they've been working to repair. this work is about preparing for the next one. six weeks after the earthquake that shook napa, caltrans is adding force, trying to fix what the earth did to bridges >> we call these sure key for
7:48 pm
bridge abaitment. >> nick is a senior bridge engineer. >> this is concrete sprawled when the bridge moved back and forth >> he says the 10-year-old bridge sustained the most damage, but much to the structures supposed to give. break, or gap when the ground moves. >> these are heavily reenforced bridges they're allowed to move. these walls, this is what they have to. >> across town, the issue is table. >> this structure will get new cables for next time. >> this is just damage was the purpose. and on the top everything is
7:49 pm
safe. >> this affects the goal to make them ready. to withstand the next big quake. >> napa valley earthquake is the largest since loama yetta. this with the premier of 15 seconds 25 years later. hope you can tune in. >> yes. time now for another check on weather. >> yes. spencer christian is back. >> retreating warmth. low clouds near the coast moving out over the bay. it's clear over inland areas now. highs upper 80s to low 90s. 86 down in los angeles. bay area, mild to warm day.
7:50 pm
mid-80s inland. and fleet week is coming up we'll have interesting performances can sunny skies all three days warming up over the weekend. so a great three days of weather. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler days tomorrow, thursday, friday. warming up over the weekend high temperatures back into low 90s and low 80s around the bay. >> time to turn attention to sports. >> you can see giants trying to lock down a spot in the championship series. other spot has been decided. other spot has been decided. clayton kershaw, but
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good evening, giants hoping for a win tonight that would lock up the national league
7:54 pm
series. allowed nine earned runs if you believe experience matters most, bruce bocci says he was managing this game >> they're all available. you know? something happens, i mean we played 18 innings. you can see peavy out there so we'll do all we can. >> it's do or die tonight. if we don't win this game, we go home. >> in third innings, giants
7:55 pm
leading. former a's pitcher with another so far, so good for them but it is early. st. louis cardinals kershaw came in just 1 and 4 in seven starts. now, dodgers get on the board first. ex-giant juan uribe singles home. and just like in game one, he dmot protect it. and into sea of red there. kershaw cannot believe this is happening again.
7:56 pm
cardinals are going back to the national league championship series for a fourth straight year. >> saw a pop up and knew it's going to be a good one. >> warriors in l.a. against clippers remember last time they met was in april in the playoffs. biggest change for warriors is that they have a new head coach. so it's not going to be near intensity of a playoff game but it is interesting.
7:57 pm
>> who cares about clippers five years ago? now, all of a sudden, it's one of the best rivalries in the league. >> this is a wonderful story. u.s. jazz by jp gibson to a one day contract. they let him play and went right to the rack. >> says he can't wait until you turns six to play on junior jazz team. isn't that terrific? abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware.
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really sweet. >> yes. >> thank you. >> that fast-moving fire and the crash of an air tanker battling that blaze >> football players benched and place investigating. why the season cancelled for a team. >> then at 11:00 a medical milestone. this woman celebrating a surgery that took place 30 years ago. >> that is this edition of abc7. >> that is this edition of abc7. i'm dan ashley.
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